Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I use Tax Break-ers?

1. We are mobile, so we can meet you at various locations to provide you with more convenience.

2. We are available to help you during the “off-season” as well. Many Retail Tax Prep Chains only open during January to April, then open September & October (for extension to file deadline) of the year. You can reach us all year round, except for holidays (tax guys need a break too!).

3. We treat you the way we would like to be treated. We respect and value each of our clients and take the time to research and better understand your situation and needs.

Do you have an office location?

Yes! We are located at 275 6th Avenue #103 San Francisco, CA 94118

Where can I meet with you?

If you are unable to meet us in our office, dont worry. We are continuing to offer our mobile service, so we can meet wherever you would like (as long we can both agree on a place). With that said, we tend to meet you at locations such as your place of business or work. Alternatively, we could meet in a cafe to accommodate coffee and tea lovers.

I live in another city or state. Can I still have my tax return prepared by Tax Break-ers?

If you live far away or simply don’t have time to meet with us, we can perform the tax preparation process remotely. We can prepare returns for other states other than California as well. We will send you a client info and service agreement document, which you will need to fill out, sign, and send back to us. Afterwards, another e-mail address is provided so you can send us your tax documents. For your privacy and client confidentiality, please DO NOT send documents to the email listed on the website.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover), and personal checks.

How long will it take for me to receive my tax refund?

If you are granted a tax refund, you can generally expect it within 2-3 weeks from the day your tax return is e-filed and accepted by the IRS and FTB (California Franchise Tax Board). Please note that we cannot transmit your tax return until both your e-file authorization forms are signed and payment is successfully processed.

What is the general cost of having my taxes prepared by Tax Break-ers?

We pride ourselves in providing reasonable prices and top quality service. The fees for our services depend case by case. Your tax preparation fee depends on the complexity of your tax situation and depends on the forms and schedules required to complete your tax return. For Consultation, we charge an hourly rate.