The Tax Prep Process

1. Drop Off/ Provide Documents: If possible, meet us for 15-30 minutes to drop off your tax documents and let us gather information regarding your tax situation.

2. Preparation: Once we have discussed your situation and agree to move forward, we will prepare your tax return and inform you on the progress.

3. Wrap Up: Upon completing your tax return, we set up a second meeting in order to finalize your return and answer any additional questions or concerns you may have.

Important to Know: We will provide support if you receive a notice regarding a tax return we have prepared for you. Please note that you, the tax payer, are solely responsible for providing all information necessary for us to determine your tax return is complete and true.
In the case that you need representation in the event of an IRS Audit, there is an hourly consultation charge.
If an Amended Return (e.g. Form 1040X) is required to be filed, there will be an additional fee to prepare it.